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How do I get to Nicaragua?

Most Airlines offer flights into Managua Nicaragua's Main Airport Augusto C. Sandino International Airport.

How do I get to Bluefields?

Since there are no roads from Managua to Bluefields the best way is to fly La Castena Airlines

If you dont want to fly to Bluefields you go by bus to Rama; you catch the bus in Managua at the Mayorero bus station. The bus can go no further because this is where the road ends and the marsh begins. From Rama you must take a small boat that goes down the Escondido River to Bluefields.

How do i get to Casa Rosa?

At the Bluefields airport ask a cab driver to take you to Casa Rosa or simply ask Randy or Rosa to make accomadations for you.

Where is Bluefields Nicaragua?

Bluefields, NIcaragua is located on the Bahia de Bluefields on the Atlantic side Carribean Sea Coast of Central America in Eastern Nicaragua.

Is Nicaragua Safe?

Yes it is one of the safest courntries in the world. U.S. Goverment Website on Nicaragua

What is the town of Bluefields like?

Check this website out to learn more about Bluefields Nicaragua. http://vianica.com/visit/bluefields

What do i need to bring with me charter fishing in Nicaragua?

  • Good Sun Hat
  • Rain Gear
  • Change of clothing
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • No bug spray need (Luckily we have no trouble with insects.)

Do I need a passport to enter into Nicaragua?

Yes, you will need a passport to enter into Nicargua. U.S. Goverment Website on Nicaragua.

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